The Unleashed Success Program is Expanding!

Leslie Horton, President

The Unleashed Success Program is designed for executives, business owners and professionals who are ready to expand their possibilities through empowerment, acceleration and mastering the habits of excellence. Our footprint now covers the Sacramento Region and Silicon Valley.

Here you will find people who are motivated and curious. These are the people you will definitely want to meet and interact with often. We are seeking members who choose to achieve their dreams.

Along the way you may have discovered that you want more from life and yet find that something seems to be holding you back. Do you want to create the best in your life?

Here are more details on the Unleashed Success Program. The President and Founder is Leslie Ann Horton. Her background is as an executive in Silicon Valley where she mentored CEOs while serving as a business strategist and CFO who has raised in excess of $150 Million. 

You may have heard Leslie speak before on radio shows, podcasts, as a guest speaker and corporate trainer and in other venues. She serves on Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards. She is excited by people, life, connection and the dynamic world of business! Outside of work you might find Leslie ballroom dancing, kickboxing or writing.   

Leslie is a member of the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners. Her education and credentials include: five Success Coaching Certifications, Certified Business and Life Coach, M.B.A. Santa Clara University, California Certified Public Accountant and B.S. Business Administration CSU Northridge  For the past ten years the Unleashed Success Program has inspired leaders to go further and faster to their destinations.